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Special Number Prepaid Sim Card For Sale!

Are you looking for Special Numbers for your Philippine Provider Prepaid Sim Cards? It can be a solution for your business or for personal use. Let your clients recognize your Contact Number easily with this Special Numbers. Maybe what you are looking for are listed below.

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9279488877 - P600

Prices are negotiable depending on your number of choice. First come first serve basis. Willing to meet in any MALLS or Public Places in Metro Manila.

Payments can be made thru:
* Cash
* Money Transfer (e.g. Western Union, Cebuana Lhuiller, etc.)
* RCBC Bank Deposit

For Provincial Orders:
Shipping thru FEDEX, Air21, LBC & DHL
shipping rates (Metro Manila-PhP67; Luzon-PhP84; Visayas-PhP84; Mindanao-PhP100)

Contact Info:
Smart - 09082835737
Globe - 09273054979
Email -

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Extend a Help



s a site administrator of DIGOS CITY IRC Website, I recieved this mail in thru my contact page:


Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:39 PM


Add sender to Contacts



Ms. Melody Oroc has joined our Creator about a week ago. We are looking for her relative in the Philippines:

117 Llanos St., Digos, Davao, Philippines

Pls. contact Ms. Aurora Rodriguez at 604-779-6719. Si Ms. Aurora po ang nakakakilala kay Ms. Melody pero very limited po ang pagkakakilala nila.

May God bless you for your kindnesses in helping us locate the above relative of late Ms. Melody Oroc.

I replied her in the next day with further clarification of the location, country, area code. and received her prompt response.


Friday, September 12, 2008 12:02 AM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified

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Cc: “Aurora Rodriguez”

Hi Louie,

Marami pong salamat. Nasa Morgue pa siya ng hospital, as of this emailing, my friend Aurora is still trying to coordinate things. I will get all the details from my friend Aurora, i.e. hospital, tel. no., exact location, etc.

Nakakaawa kasi dahil namatay na mag-isa. She died in the hospital.

Whatever info you could give so that we could get in touch with her family would be greatly appreciated.

Pakisabi po sa relative to contact:

Ms. Aurora Rodriguez at 604-779-6719 (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

Ang challenge kasi kung paano i-ship iyong body and wala namang funds na available tapos we just need to get go signal from the family. Kung wala kasing funds na available, baka ipacremate na and then the ashes na lang iyong ipapadala sa family. Thus, it is important that my friend, Aurora, speaks with the family of late Ms. Melody.

Namatay daw as per the Public Trustee of Canada noong August 31 pa yata kaya lang nahanap lang si Ate Aurora ng Public Trustee the other night dahil naisulat ni late Ms. Melody iyong pangalan ni Ate Aurora na next of kin niya while she was hospitalized. Hindi na raw nakausap man lang ni Ate Aurora dahil nobody knew na nahospital pala at tuloy naring namatay bigla sa hospital.

Thank you ulit sa tulong ninyo.



Vancouver, Canada


I advised her to contact the nearest Philippine Embassy in her location. I want to extend this message to my blog follower and readers in the Philippines particularly in the City of Digos where the concerned person is located.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Read first before you complain.

I have been receiving PMs from users who were kicced out in #Davao and asking me why they were kicced out. Actually, I am using a scripted version of IRC and I make sure that there is a kicc reason in every kicc that my script is doing. So I think its irrational to send me a PM complaining on why they were kicced out in Davao. Though its a healthy interaction with OPs and Users but I just hate it when they yell at me on PM and even curse me without even reading the kicc reason first. So my advice is, read the kicc reason first and then try to ask an OP why did you have that kicc message. :D

Wednesday, September 3, 2008